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Hellfire SwiftPods™️

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Description : The future of AirPods is here - grab your custom manufactured & designed earbuds today! Earbuds that are IMPOSSIBLE to tangle.These AirPods are built and created by us, SwiftPods.


  • High quality sound w/ Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Compatible with ALL devices supporting Bluetooth.
  • Professionally designed and trimmed to perfection.
  • Impress & amaze your friends and family.
  • Fits in your ear perfectly and securely.
  • Charging case (with the design) & charging cable are included.

Our Promise: We want you to be 100% satisfied with us here at SwiftPods, no matter what. We believe that you, as a customer, should love our service at all times.

That's why we offer our free 30 day money back guarantee. If you feel as if you aren't satisfied, feel free to email us (info on our "Contact Us" page) and we'll help you with any problems or concerns that you have.

Here at SwiftPods, we know that buying a product online can be sketchy and even SCARY at some times. We want to take away those risks and feelings entirely.

Thanks for being a constant supporter <3

Shipping : Due to limited supply and extremely high demand directed towards our entire site and products, you can expect a small delay of shipping which should only take 1-3 weeks for US orders and up to 2-4 weeks for international orders.

The delayed shipping is because each pair of SwiftPods are completely custom, and require days of fulfillment and creation throughout each process to make sure they are the highest quality we can offer.

We can assure you... It'll be worth the wait!

Thanks for your understanding :)